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----Scientific Researches----

The first isotopes received with the photochemical method were mercury-196 and mercury-202 isotopes. The mercury-196 isotope was used in medical practice for diagnostics of certain diseases, and later in a study of the feasibility of using mercury enriched with the mercury-196 isotope up to 2-4% in luminescent light sources for improvement of their light output.

The further progress of the photochemical method was related to the development of mercury enrichment processes with isotopes of mercury-202, 200, 198, 199, 204. These works have proved the photochemical method to be more efficient than the electromagnetic one.

Today the "Foton" plant is being used for the production of isotopes of mercury - 196, 198, 199,200,202,204 enriched up to 95%,99%,90%,99%,99%,98% cooordinately in quantities sufficient for consumption in Russia and export to other countries. We are also searching for possibilities of extracting mercury 201 isotope.


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